Thursday, September 6, 2012

Budding filmmaker ‘pedals’ into crowdfunding for The Bicycle

Abdul Gani

Guwahati: After an invitation to the prestigious Producers’ Lab organised by the Cinemart International Film Festival of Rotterdam 2012, budding Assamese filmmaker Khanjan Kishore Nath’s project, The Bicycle, has been selected for Mumbai Mantra Screenplay Lab now. It is the first Assamese film to be invited to Rotterdam Festival.

Khanjan Kishore Nath
The filmmaker is now waiting for crowdfunding for production. It was also selected for Goa Film Bazaar organised by the International Film Festival of India.

“This film is now at its pre-production stage. The script is complete. All that it needs is financial help. Unfortunately, we have not been able to collect funds as yet. Now, we have applied to various global film funding bodies and waiting for their response,” director Nath told Seven Sisters Post.

According to this concept, anybody providing a little amount of money will be eligible to become a co-producer of the film. This concept is quite new in India, and no one has tried it in in Assam so far.

“In crowdfunding, a film may have 1,000 producers. We are trying to do something new in Assamese film industry. For my film, anybody who is interested can be a co-producer of the project by paying a sum of Rs5,000. The profits and responsibility will be shared by all the parties involved,” he said.

However, so far, he has not been lucky enough to get the required funds of around Rs50 lakh for the film.

“As it is a new concept for us, people are not aware of this. The positive side of this move is that it is now selected for Mumbai Mantra Script Lab Collaboration with Sundance Institute for the first round. Let’s see what happens in next round,” Nath, who has made several short films prior to this, said.

The spirited filmmaker is also hopeful of releasing the film globally. “When I was in Goa with my project a lot of foreign distributors and sales agents showed interest towards my project. If everything goes well, I’m hopeful of releasing it abroad. We should now think beyond our geographical existence. I strongly believe that we can win the world through our regional language films if we have a good story in hand, because there is a huge market outside and they are looking for good films, not language,” he added.

A diehard fan of Iranian way of filmmaking, Nath said that if the story is told in creative and sensitive way the global viewers could be won.

“Through my film, I am trying to do the same. My story is also very simple yet interesting. The story telling is simple with rich visual verities. Through this film, I am going to give a new experience to the Assamese film history. I would like to prove that if you have a good story with good script, language is not a bar to conquer the world,” he added.

It is a story about childhood desires, dream and relationship among children, but the director feels that it would work on the minds of adults as well. (Seven Sisters Post)


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