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Assam Valley Literary award to Purobi Bormudoi

Abdul Gani
Purobi Bormudoi (pix: Bitopan Borborah)
Guwahati: Eminent author of the state Purabi Bormudoi was awarded prestigious Assam Valley Literary Award for the year 2011 for her immense contribution to the literature and society of the state in a gracious evening on Friday in the city.
The 62 year old Sahitya Akademi award winning author who was on wheel chair due to prolonged illness thanked the Williamson Magor Education Trust who has been giving this award in the field of literature for the last 21 years, for the award.
“I thank the Williamson Magor Education Trust and convey my regards to all those associated with the Assam Valley Literary Award and to the predecessors who have won this award,” Ananda Bormudoi, Purabi Bormudoi’s husband read out her feelings in a written statement.
Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay, a renowned named in Bengali literature formally handed over the award.
“I’m a worker in the field of literature and culture and I consider writing in Assamese my privilege. I remember with gratitude those who have built the foundation of Assamese literature and language. The language is today rich enough to express difficult thoughts in literature, philosophy and science,” her statement added.
Her talents as a writer was recognized when she won the second prize in All Assam short story compilation titled ‘Eta Xapor Palayan’ at the age of 19. Since then she kept on developing as a short story writer. Purobi Bormudoi was born in on May 8 in 1950 at Dewrigaon in Tezpur.
“We are fortunate to be honouring one of our literary icons, Purobi Bormudoi, a novelist without peer. The myth, legend and history of Tezpur had a profound influence on her and she carried this bond further. Though I’m not competent to give a learned discourse on her virtues as a writer, her deeds as a writer and as a human being have empowered us all to dream of a happy and peaceful co-existence of human and nature,” said R S Jhawar on behaf of the Williamson Magor Education Trust addressing the gathering.
Bormudoi’s original, introspective, intriguing and sublime novel, ‘Xantanukulananda’ written in 2005 brought her widespread admiration and the prestigious Sahitya Akademi award in 2007. So far, she has five novels, ten short novels and more than 100 short stories.
“She always feels the need for women’s education so that they can liberate themselves from their dependence on men and she makes this belief pertinent in some of her novels and stories with deft use of symbols and images,” Jhawar added.
In her novel Baghjal aru Manuh the trapped tigress is a metaphor of a discriminated and marginalized Assamese woman. Another novel ‘Rupuwali Noir Xunuwali Ghat is probably the longest ever Assamese novel with 101 characters set in the 19th century Assam.
The award comprises cash award, a scroll of honour and a specially designed golden trophy designed by renowned artist Sobha Brahma who recently passed away. 
(Published in Seven Sisters Post on March 24, 2012)


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